Jul 19, 2022 | byHandsome Group

commercial av solutionsIf operating a business in an ever-evolving and changing industry like tech, staying competitive and on the cutting edge presents opportunities and challenges. One essential element of this is the quality of your in-person office workspace. 

A/V technologies from Handsome Group can help leaders in the tech industry engage with their team, enhance team engagement and keep everyone excited about what they’re working on. With the right kind of A/V solutions, your company’s efficiency and collaboration can see increased improvement. 

This is true no matter where you work: all in-person, remotely, at one office, or in many offices. Here are ten ways that A/V Technologies Can Elevate Your Tech Company.

Custom Smart-Office Solutions that Inspire and Motivate

If you’re in the tech industry, an outdated office that lacks modern-day tech solutions is uninspiring. A custom smart-office solution for any sized tech firm is one of Handsome Group’s specialties. 

Integrated smart office technologies not only boost your efficiency, but can boost morale, increase engagement amongst team members and clients, and sustain the future of your tech-driven business. The right A/V tools will provide ease of use yet offer sophisticated capabilities. Intuitive interfaces, dependable connections, and sleek aesthetics can help set your workspace apart from the rest.

Intelligent Office Design

With the right A/V with intelligent office design, businesses in the space will help enhance their office’s functionality while improving its aesthetics. Whether upgrading an existing office space or building a brand new one, the experienced A/V experts at Handsome Group will help integrate several digital tools that can make for a seamless office environment. 

Some of these solutions include:

  • Video Conferencing. Presentations utilizing high resolution and HD cameras can make video conferences stand out, especially since many of these essential business operations are occurring remotely.
  • Premium Data and Connection. For tech firms, your data networks, cloud connectivity, and Wi-Fi must be ultrafast and dependable.
  • Interactive Digital Displays. Digital displays make presentations, in-person meetings, and video conferences more engaging and communicative. It can give every meeting attendee a voice.
  • Lighting Controls. Tech companies need intuitive lighting controls that can optimize productivity and motivation, illuminating creativity. 
  • Smart Shades and Blinds. These let the sun in when they should and keep the sun out when they should, automatically.
  • Smart Temperature Controls. Never touch your office climate control system with intuitive customizable, programmable office controls that never have anyone in your office worrying about the temperature.
  • Automated Window Treatments. Natural sunlight is great, but it can let unnecessary heat into your air-conditioned office, or cause a glare on your work screens. Automated window treatments provide shade and adjust automatically, which can save on electric bills. 

These are just a few examples of the multitude of options for intelligent office design that Handsome Group offers. We can customize your A/V solutions for your tech business that fit your precise needs.

Custom Interfaces

The workspaces of today’s top tech firms should be intuitive, powerful, and easy to use. With customer interfaces installed by Handsome Group, temperature, A/V distribution, and temperature are all controlled from one custom programmed device. The high connectivity and user-friendly nature of custom interfaces increase individual control and productivity by removing distractions.

Assistive Listening Devices

Clear, concise, and direct communication is imperative for the growth of any company, not just those in tech. With assistive listening devices installed by Handsome Group, the voices of speakers are amplified while undesired background noise is reduced.

Premium Audio Systems

Premium audio technology for optimal sound experiences brings inspiration to any room: whether a small boardroom or large event space. Handsome Group engineers audio solutions for tech company spaces. We consider room acoustics, size, outdoor noise, and other facts so that everyone hears exactly what they need to, crystal.

Touch Screens and Control Panels

Gone are the days when meetings started with frustration over adjusting lighting, temperature, or audio-visual technology. The experts at Handsome Group remove this frustration by optimizing your meeting environment, allowing your team to get down to business and focus on key matters.

Intelligent touch screens can be either hardwired or wireless, and these devices will bring increased control to any business room: boardrooms, meeting areas, personal offices, and more.

Distributed Audio and Video

For larger tech organizations, CEOs and other leaders may feel like they must clone themselves to be in several offices simultaneously. Attempting to communicate with various teams through various places in the world at the same time is challenging. Handsome Group can help and simplify the process.

Handsome Group can allow directing any sound or video to an office area or remote employees, right from one device. Additionally, overflow audio can easily be sent to multiple workers for company-wide meetings which give teams access to live presentations anywhere.

Trust the Experts at Handsome Group

At Handsome Group, not only do we give you customized A/V solutions that will boost the bottom line of your tech business, but we provide the best customer service in the business. Whether remotely or in person, our technicians will perform any upgrades or optimizations to keep your tech firm’s operation running smoothly.

If you’re ready to discuss an A/V upgrade for your tech business, give Handsome Group a call today. We will discuss all the options that can optimize your tech office workspace as well as any remote work. We have many years of experience working with some of the best and brightest tech firms that California has to offer, and we’d love to add you to that list of partners.

Call us today, or fill out the form on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.