Sep 02, 2022 | byHandsome Group

install Commercial Control SystemsIt’s no secret – operating a full-scale commercial building takes a lot of behind-the-scenes operations. Behind walls and inside air ducts and computer towers are intricate ecosystems of dozens of devices working in harmony to allow your business to operate and function properly. 

These systems working together include HVAC, security, lighting, temperature, and of course – AV systems and impact everyday operations. This article explores five helpful tips to optimize your commercial control system installation or get the most out of your existing one.

Understand How Commercial Control Systems Integrate

Now more than ever, large corporate and commercial building operators are seeking full integration of their systems. As previously mentioned, these systems include lighting, climate control, and security – most, if not all of which are a part of automated business management systems that run on SMART tech.

With the right kind of commercial control system from Handsome Group, you can closely monitor and help control your energy output and carbon footprint, as well as manage maintenance and produce detailed reports. 

Know the Different Types of Control Systems

In the time before we had automated commercial systems, and each system operated independently. This meant that your A/V system, lighting, and other systems could not communicate, and could not be automated. These systems also could not be measured as accurately as we can do so nowadays. 

Of course, there is still the need for specialization in commercial control systems and building management. For example, your custom A/V solutions provider will not provide plumbing services, but the former may be able to help you add your smart plumbing solutions to your control systems to maximize efficiency. 

Learn the Basics of Using the Internet of Things (IoT)

With commercial control systems and automated business control systems, commercial and corporate buildings using the Internet of Things (IoT) have become industry standard. IoT sensors gather data from every system in a commercial building. Each system is equipped properly to gather appropriate data and suggest adjustments based on that data. These adjustments aim to identify opportunities for savings in energy costs and improve the efficiency of your building operations.

To fully optimize your commercial control system, each system should communicate with the others. This communication between systems operating and reporting using IoT can give you valuable insights on areas of improvement on inefficiencies, identify possible maintenance concerts, and more. 

Almost all new commercial buildings use control systems but are not confined to that. Older buildings can be retrofitted with new control and measurement systems with IoT sensors.

The Benefits of Integrated Control Systems

For operators of large commercial and corporate buildings, the more data that can be gathered on indoor environments and how to maximize them, the better off you will be. A combination of IoT sensors and commercial control systems can work together to create the ideal comfortable indoor environment as well as maximize the efficiency of your building. Here are some benefits of integrating these systems.

  • Lighting Systems

With commercial control systems for lighting, you can take advantage of sensors like occupancy sensors that measure a room’s capacity. These systems are fully programmable and will switch lights on or off, dim, brighten, and much more – all according to the capacity (or lack thereof) of your meeting rooms and much more. This not only improves the work environment but helps reduce energy waste by only turning lights on in rooms that are occupied and in need of illumination.

  • Security

Your building’s security can also improve with the implementation of a commercial control system. Sensors, anti-theft cameras, and motion detectors installed in your building can all be programmed to communicate with each other when you install a commercial control system. 

If an intruder does attempt a break-in into your commercial building, you can increase the likelihood of them stealing valuables if your motion sensors sense movement, which triggers security lights and focuses building surveillance cameras on the perpetrator while instantly notifying the authorities. 

  • Indoor Climate Control and Comfort

Thanks to the IoT, indoor climate control systems can enhance the comfort levels of everyone in your building. Environmental control systems can be integrated as well as programmed precisely so they will respond and provide optimal comfort conditions. For instance, if the sun is bright, lights will dim and the heat will pause, or the air conditioning will kick in. Commercial control systems aren’t just for building managers, they are for those working inside of the building daily.

Hire Long-Term Control System Support

Deciding to install state-of-the-art control systems is a wise decision for any corporate building manager or operations executive. However, this high-end technology is intricate and requires specific skill sets to manage properly. These systems may also need to be maintained periodically, as well as evaluations performed to ensure they are functioning at their best. 

While the installation of commercial control systems is industry-standard for most new buildings across the majority of corporate sectors, they are not confined to new buildings. In fact, quite the contrary. Commercial control systems can improve the efficiency of most of the operations of many older buildings with outdated technology. A consultation that leads to working on a commercial job with Handsome Group can help you do just that.

What’s more, having professional audiovisual and control systems support is a necessity for many corporate and commercial building operations. The experienced technicians at Handsome Group are dedicated to the longevity of your commercial systems and are here to help. We are ready to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have. Call us today for a free commercial control system installation quote.