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A shopper strolls through town past a row of stores. Their eyes glance over the carefully arranged window displays and the plastic placards announcing the deals of the day. However, this shopper made some purchases earlier and is now thinking about going home.

Suddenly, a bright, glowing screen catches their eye in the next window. With an animated shower of gold glitter, the screen announces a special 40% off sale for today only. The shopper is intrigued and excited. Though many of the stores they passed were offering similar deals, they enter this particular store and spend the next 30 minutes selecting products to buy.

That’s the power of digital signage. Businesses that use digital signs see a 30% or more increase in customer retention, overall sales volume, in-store traffic, and growth in repeat buyers. Customers also spend more time on site and feel more satisfied with their experience. The benefits hold true whether you run a restaurant, hotel, medical clinic, retail store or learning institution.

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What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage employs cutting-edge technologies like LED, LCD, or e-paper to deliver vital information to your customers. You can have a single screen displaying a menu or sale information, multiple screens directing guests through a conference center, or even a stunning video wall to make your latest advertisement feel larger than life.

Sure, you could keep using plastic placards, paper printouts, and those black felt signs with the stick-on letters. But you can’t change them with a click of a button. They also lack that “wow” factor modern customers have come to expect. Our digital signs, however, are sleek and easy to implement, reuse, and maintain.

Types of Digital Signage


Restaurant menus Advertising
Smart kiosks Scoreboards
Video walls Wayfinding


Whether you need a single screen or a multi-screen solution for your commercial venture, Handsome Group has you covered. When you call us, you get the best AV equipment and expertise available on the market today.

We work to provide solutions that function flawlessly. And our remote monitoring program means we are often alerted to any potential issues before our clients become aware of them. This proactive approach is just one of the ways we stay ahead of the competition.

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About our customized AV Installation and Design

We can help you with any

Digital Signage Solutions & Installation, Including:

Single Screen Solution: nstantly improve the experience of your customers, guests or visitors with a simple but beautiful single screen. These high-quality digital signs offer a wide variety of options, such as sharing real-time, compelling content at the touch of a button. They can even be automated.

Multi-Screen Implementations: Share important messages or help visitors navigate large facilities with a multi-screen implementation. Great for large businesses and public spaces, a multi-screen solution can perform many different tasks, such as:

  • Sharing Human Resource alerts
  • Displaying marketing and advertising messages
  • Giving directions and safety info to visitors

The digital signage professionals here at Handsome Group will help you install multi-screen solutions in your break rooms, training rooms, lobbies, and various other locations in your facility. We can also install a video wall, which is becoming a very popular feature and requires the know-how to implement the right way.

Playback Software and Authoring: Is your software highly interactive and stored in the cloud? Or maybe you are simply storing your PowerPoint presentation on your hard drive and need to share it in a business meeting or classroom? No matter what kind of digital tools or software you use, Handsome Group provides top-shelf playback solutions that allow you to access and share the files you need, when you need them, wherever you are.

Signal Distribution Services: Whether you need to distribute signals wirelessly or with wires, Handsome Group will help demystify this often misunderstood aspect of digital signage for you. From there, we will develop, design and implement the best signal distribution system for your organization, keeping you informed of its functions every step of the way.

Campus-wide Installations: For today’s ever-evolving workplaces and learning institutions, implementing a multi-screen solution that works for everyone can seem like a daunting task. Let the digital signage professionals here at Handsome Group handle that for you.

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No matter your digital signage needs, you can trust the experts here at Handsome Group. Whether you need a single-screen solution or multi-screen ones that span large campuses, we have experience with all of it.

We stay up to date with the latest in digital signage and cloud technologies for your business or organization. With us, you get a comprehensive quote and a guarantee of the highest quality in equipment and design. Simply fill out the online form below to receive a quote, or give us a call. We will be happy to help you with all your digital signage needs.

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