Everywhere we look nowadays, technology is evolving at the speed of light. Technological advancements are no different when it comes to digital signage. A division of electronic signage, digital signages employs cutting edge technologies like LED, LCD or e-paper to deliver important information for private businesses, public transportation hubs and educational campuses.

Whether you need single screen or multi-screen implementation to display video, web pages, weather and traffic information, stunning digital menus for your restaurant, or for safety and security purposes, Handsome Group has you covered.

Single Screen Solutions

Let the digital signage experts here at Handsome Group install straightforward and simple yet beautiful looking single screen digital signs to instantly improve the experience of your customers, guests or visitors. These high-quality single screen solutions offer a wide variety of options, such as sharing real-time, compelling content at the touch of a button or even using automation.

Multi-Screen Implementations

Single screen solutions are great, but some facilities, businesses or public spaces require multi-screen implementations. The digital signage professionals here at Handsome Group will help you implement multi-screen solutions for your break or training rooms, lobbies, and various other spots in your workplace. Video walls are becoming very popular as well, and require the know-how to implement the right way. Multi-screen implementations will let you share highly important messages, perform many different tasks and functions, like:

  • Human Relations Information
  • Marketing and Advertising Messages
  • Directions or Instructions for Finding Your Way Around

Playback Software and Authoring

Is your software highly interactive and stored in the cloud? Or maybe you are simply storing your Powerpoint presentation on your hard drive and need to share it in a business meeting or to a classroom. No matter what kind of digital tools or software you use, Handsome Group provides top-shelf playback software and authoring solutions.

Signal Distribution Services

If you need to distribute signals wirelessly or using wires, Handsome Group will help simplify this often misunderstood aspect of digital signage for you. From there, we will develop and design the best signal distribution system for your organization and implement it, keeping you informed on its functions every step of the way.

Implementations for Your Entire Campus

For today’s workplace and learning institutions that are constantly changing and evolving, implementing multi-screen solutions for an entire campus can present itself as a daunting task. Let the digital sign professionals here at Handsome Group handle that for you. We have many years of experience 

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No matter what your digital signage needs are, you can trust the experts here at Handsome Group. Whether you need single screen solutions or large multi-screen ones spanning large campuses, we have experience with all of it.

We always stay up to date with the latest in digital signage as well as cloud technologies for your business or organization. We will provide you with a comprehensive quote and we guarantee the highest quality digital signage solutions. Simply fill out the online form for a quote or give us a call and we will be happy to help you with your digital signage needs.

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