We specialize in entertainment systems, from DCI compliant cinemas with immerse Dolby Atmos to live performance venues, recording studios, and UHD media rooms. Music, film, sports, and gaming have never looked or sounded this good!

With years of experience designing and building entertainment systems and by partnering with the best equipment manufacturers in the world, we are able to offer world-class entertainment systems. Our four-part process consists of consultation, design, installation, and support.

Listen to records through speakers that can reproduce the same sound as the instruments. See and hear movies as the director intended. Immerse audiences and awaken their senses.

Entertainment systems include, but are not limited to, commercial and private cinemas, live performance sound systems/venues, theaters, whole building audio and video systems, museums, theme parks, media rooms, gaming rooms, projection, recording studios, listening rooms, interactive projection, and VR rooms.

Automation - Audio / Video - Lighting - Integration - Speakers - HDTV - Technology