When it comes to hospitality we work with best in the business. Our system engineers and installers focus on robust and easy to use solutions that last.

Hospitality AV and IT systems are used constantly by a wide range of users, from hotel guests to management, administrative staff, chefs and bar staff. With this in mind we offer simple to use yet incredibly resilient systems. Centralized control of all major systems, from audio and video systems, access control, surveillance, lighting, and shades make it easy to manage a whole building from a tablet, desktop or smart phone. Daily lighting and audio presets mean whatever changes are made during the day are automatically reset overnight, and pass-codes give individual users access to the systems only they need.

A network is the backbone of any hospitality business and allows communication between floors, rooms and all subsystems such as credit card processing, content streaming, reservations systems, POS systems, phone systems, and Wi-Fi networks. Using the latest future-proofed technologies, whether you’re a guest or owner, the network is the last thing you’ll need to worry about.

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