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State Of The Art Led Lighting and Display Technologies

Cutting-edge LED lighting and display technology for your business or organization can illuminate collaboration while sparking creativity and innovation. Handsome Group installs and integrates LED technology for commercial and industrial spaces, as well as AV projects that are office-based. Whether you want to boost your ROI from your LED digital signage advertising, or light up your business space, LED lighting technology will help empower and illuminate your business productivity.

LED stands for light emitting diode that will emit light when an electric current passes through it. The list of industries that rely on LED lighting and displays continues to grow every year, as well as advancements and innovations to LED technologies. These advancements lead to products that are better all the time.

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“LEDs are one of today’s most-energy efficient and rapidly-developing lighting technologies. Quality LED light bulbs last longer, are more durable, and offer comparable or better light quality than other types of lighting.”

— U.S. Department of Energy

LED Lighting and Display solutions are on the forefront of evolving workplace technologies. They will be important parts of the future of business. You don’t want your business lighting to be stuck in the past, do you?

Stunning Audio And Visual For Hospitality Locations

Today’s consumer spends much of their free time using the latest in gadgetry. Just about everything we interact with nowadays seems to have the ability to connect to WiFi or some kind of smart device. When a plugged-in customer books a room, or has a night out on the town, or even wants a good meal, many of them expect the places they frequently visit to be just as plugged in as they are in the comfort of their own homes.

The expert A/V techs here have years of experience designing, developing and implementing stunning audio and visual systems for hospitality locations. From a simple and straightforward A/V implementation to a complicated overhaul of outdated technology, we’ve got your back and will strive to bring the best possible customer experience to your place of business.

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The Many Applications Of LED Technology

Retail: When it comes to retail sales, the difference between window shoppers and paying customers often lies in the shopping experience. You can incorporate LED technology that is innovative and interactive by incorporating customized digital signage platforms that display product benefits, sales, frequent shopper promotions, and more. Wow your shoppers by providing them with a memorable shopping experience using LED technology.

Corporate Offices: No one likes boring, pointless meetings. Many top corporations are integrating LED technologies into their boardrooms, meeting rooms and conference rooms. These LED display technologies and lighting solutions are configured for your business needs, and will help boost communication and encourage collaboration.

Health: Healthcare centers and hospitals use innovative LED technologies that provide up-to-the-minute messages for medical staff and help give patients better care. Whether you have a small pediatric practice with a few employees in your office, or you are a part of a large general hospital, LED solutions can help improve care for your patients while improving their well-being.

Hospitality: Modern consumers are used to being plugged in and having interactive information at their fingertips. All businesses in the hospitality industry can benefit from integrating LED signage, displays and lighting into their properties. Nightclubs and bars, casinos, hotels and resorts and even theme parks can offer a unique experience for customers by updating their look with integration of LED technology.

Transportation: Millions of people travel all over the world every single day. Customized LED displays can help travelers get where they need to be safely and quickly. Subway stations, train terminals, airports and more can benefit from high-quality LED displays.

Education: Nowadays, you will be hard-pressed to find a student that doesn’t have a smartphone or a tablet. Engage and connect your students while attracting the best applicants with state-of-the-art LED technology on your campus to provide important information that will improve their learning experience.

Place of Worship: Traditional religious services can evolve with today’s world by adding LED displays to their places of worship. Display important mass information, church events, as well as delivering interesting sermons.

Sports: Many of the best athletic programs, stadiums and arenas are implementing LED technology like digital signs, scoreboards, hall of fame exhibits and ad displays. These LED technologies simultaneously enhance fan experiences while boosting revenue from advertisements.

The Many Benefits of LED Solutions

  • Savings: Businesses and organizations that implement LED technology enjoy high savings on energy bills due to consuming less power than standard lighting.
  • Flexibility: No matter what your situation is – how big or how small – you can benefit from LED technologies. Custom LED solutions can be customized and implemented anywhere.
  • Reliability: LED technology lasts for a lot longer than standard lighting systems. Some LED light fixtures can last over 70,000 hours or more. technology last much longer.
  • Quality: Simply put, LED lights have higher quality components than standard lighting systems. LED lights and displays offer beautiful colors and temperatures for whatever your setting is.
  • Installation: LED installations require no inspections are usually faster than typical wire installs and line voltages.
  • Aesthetics: LED lighting systems don’t need nearly the amount of switches that standard lights do. This streamlines the look and feel of your property or facility.
  • Planning: Costs and plans with end-to-end LED lighting systems are easier to determine than any other lighting systems.
  • Simplicity: LED lights require fewer circuits than standard high voltage systems. This helps eliminate circuit breakers and panels.
  • Control: Digital controls mean that LED lights are highly functional and user friendly, compared with standard analog controls.

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