Mar 22, 2017 | byHandsome Group

Your wi-fi should do more than just get you online. Businesses, hotels, restaurants, and homes need fast, reliable online access. Handsome Group offers enterprise-grade wi-fi services in the Los Angeles area, bringing together the highest quality technology with AV and IT solutions that deliver dependable, super high-speed wi-fi to any space. Here are five reasons to upgrade to enterprise-grade wi-fi:

1. Dependability

Some wi-fi is slow and outdated. Other wi-fi may offer super-high speeds, but only when the connection works. Whether you are streaming your favorite movies or shows, working in an office space or from home, eating in a café, leading a business meeting, or visiting a hotel, you want fast wi-fi you can rely on. Enterprise-class wi-fi offers dependable high speeds and connections, giving you continuous online access without interruption or delay.

2. Immediate Resolutions of Problems

If you do encounter a problem, Handsome Group’s 24/7 support can immediately resolve the issue. Our expert team not only has the knowledge and experience to correct any IT or AV issue, but is committed to providing exceptional customer service. We make sure your technology works when and where you need it. With remote monitoring and network management, our IT specialists can assist you right away whatever your problem.

3. Added Security

Enterprise-class connection offers superior security to protect sensitive and important information by allowing for multiple types of security measures. This connection allows different types of encryption and authentication to work across many devices, safeguarding your information from those who seek to access your network.

For spaces permitting guest and visitor access to wi-fi, such as businesses, restaurants, universities, and hotels, the enterprise-class connection allows others to get online without putting your private information at risk. The ability to separate and channel different traffic makes enterprise-grade solutions an asset to many commercial and residential spaces.

4. Extensive Coverage Areas

Mobile technology means most people are no longer tied to a desk– provided their coverage allows them to relocate. No one wants to experience a dropped call or loss of connection simply because they relocated from one part of the building to a “dead zone.” Extensive coverage areas allow for a seamless transition across a large building, multiple floors, indoors and outdoors.

5. Customized Cloud Storage Solutions

Many consumer-grade services may come with some cloud storage, but this storage may prove insufficient. Customized cloud storage ensures you have all the reliable backup you need. Handsome Group tailors technological solutions to the exact needs of the client, ensuring secure backup of all your important information.

Handsome Group combines exceptional customer service with extensive technical knowledge, skill, and experience to deliver IT and AV solutions in Los Angeles. We go beyond installation, providing continuous service and support while building lasting relationships with our clients. Give us a call today to learn more.