Jul 11, 2022 | byHandsome Group

casino av solutionsThe casino industry is big business, taking in reported revenue of $53 million in legal gambling states in 2021, according to the statistical website Statista. The gambling market in the U.S. seems to expand every year, with new betting destinations appearing seemingly daily.

These aforementioned revenue figures are good news for casinos, as in-person establishments like these took a major blow in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic. Thankfully, 2021 and 2022 are proving to be significant bounce-back years for casino operators. 

This in-flux of new customers and gamers causes many of these operators now find themselves needing A/V solutions to outdated equipment. In this article, Handsome Group describes five audio/ video solutions that can both help you save money and enhance the experiences of your customers.

Digital Signage

The customer experience at a casino is built on the excitement and thrill of a win. To help keep that excitement level up, you can use digital signage just about anywhere in your casino: including on the floor near table games and slots, inside your restaurants and bars, and even in your event centers. 

The right digital signage can help impress your customer and excite them to make return trips by getting the right information to gamers and hotel guests. Some examples of how to use digital signage include:

  • Poker Waiting Lists.
  • Live TV Integration.
  • Game Signage.
  • Interactive Menus.
  • Real-time jackpot video and audio displays to get slot machine players excited about a potential big win.
  • Marketing and promotional videos for your player card services, restaurants, spa services, shops, and hotels. 
  • Live Video Walls or Digital Display walls for corporate events and conferences and inside meeting rooms rented out by the casino. 

Speaking of digital display walls, you’ll want to check out our previous article on the topic for more in-depth coverage of this potentially money-saving A/V solution.

Casino Gift Shops and Retail Stores

Digital display kiosks, video walls, and other A/V solutions can liven up a dull casino gift shop in no time. Digital display signage can show guests if there are any specials and sales, and also keep the players up to date with gaming activities while they’re shopping. 

Digital display kiosks and order touch screens may even integrate with your POS systems, depending on your existing systems. Additionally, casino gift shops, much like the rest of your casino, will need to integrate your security systems as well, which can help be a money-saving A/V solution too.

Conference Room Centers and Boardrooms

Even casinos without on-site hotels can benefit from having rentable spaces designed for corporations and other organizations. These can include meeting and training rooms, and even banquet halls if corporations want to hold large live events. 

Adding conference rooms and other rentable spaces can drive significant profits and boost revenue. To outshine your competition, world-class rentable spaces are necessary. Top-tier organizations expect top-tier A/V systems that allow them to communicate and collaborate effectively and efficiently. 

Even with colleagues or board members who can’t make the event, and must do so remotely via video conferencing, a top-tier conference room outfitted with the latest audio and video technology can make your hospitality stick out. For a more in-depth look at video conferencing solutions for corporations and organizations, be sure to check out our previous post.

Sportsbook Centers 

One of the hottest trends in the casino industry in 2022 is sports betting. The sports betting industry is booming, and that’s great news for betting destinations with dedicated sportsbook areas. As such, many U.S. casinos have expanded their gaming properties to include sportsbook centers and sports betting rooms. Naturally, these rooms will need audio and video solutions to provide optimal customer experiences. 

Thanks to recent gambling legislation in several states both on the east and west coast, sports betting is now legal in several states. Proposals at the local and state level are at an all-time high. In California, we are moving towards the legalization of gambling and sports betting, according to ESPN.

But west coast states like Washington, Colorado, and Oregon have legalized sports betting industries of their own, and it’s only a matter of time before California catches up with its neighbors. No matter which state you are in, the same thing holds true: modern sports betters want the best technology at their fingertips. If you don’t have it, they will find somewhere that does, period.

For casinos to position themselves as sportsbook leaders, A/V solutions are needed. Any sports book can have multiple TVs, but the top-shelf ones think of everything: including seats at the sports book bar equipped with touch screens that allow customers to bet on any live or future sports event, order drinks, and much more.

Entrances and Lobbies

First impressions can last a lifetime. That is why A/V solutions for your entrances and lobbies, like digital signage and interactive kiosks, can impress even the most stoic of guests and get them ready for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Digital display signage can tell guests in lobbies and hotel entrances what time restaurants are open or when shows are happening, display live event and tournament schedules, and more. Interactive touch-screen kiosks give guests access to information at their fingertips

Don’t Roll the Dice With Your Casino Audio/ Video Operations

When it comes to installing  AVV systems and solutions that will wow your guests and improve your efficiency, you can’t just take a chance. You need an A/V team that is licensed, bonded, and insured like the experts here at Handsome Group.

If you’re in the market to upgrade your casino’s audio/video operations, the technology experts at Handsome Group can help. Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation or get your questions answered. Contact or call us at 310.492.2611.