Mar 16, 2020 | byHandsome Group

High Tech Conference RoomThere are few things in our modern world that aren’t digitized or available on mobile. Conference and meeting rooms are no different. In order to get the most out of your meeting experience, you need the best AV equipment you can get: display screens, communication devices as well as a way for board members or employees to access them. Here are three reasons why a high-tech conference room is an asset to your business.

  1. High-Tech Conference Rooms Enhance Your Meeting Experience

We’ve all been in meetings that simply drag on, feeling purposeless and endless. Rid yourself of these unproductive meetings with advanced AV technology such as high-quality microphones, cameras, and teleconferencing. Perhaps the most useful tool for your digital conference room could be a digital whiteboard such as the Google Jamboard, Samsung Flip or the Cisco Smart Board. Many of these cutting-edge smart boards feature Wi-Fi HD cameras and high-quality speakers that are built right in. Some can even provide meeting notes in real-time to attendees, as well as options for brainstorming and collaboration.

  1. Smart Technology Just Keeps Getting Better – That Means More Productivity and Flexibility for Your Meeting Room

Smart technology makes your room easier to use than ever before. Products like 360 digital video cameras, OLED TVs provide crystal-clear meetings and teleconferencing with ease. See each member of your board or meeting attendee as a collaborative individual, not as a cog in the wheel. For smaller, more intimate meeting settings, wireless HD portable cameras give you the option for impromptu chats about projects, sales, and so on – perfect for startups.

  1. High-Tech Conference Rooms Are Versatile

You don’t just have to use your room for meetings. You can also use it to produce company videos or podcasts, give important presentations, or conduct video conference calls. Smart tools like in-room sensors or e-paper display tools posted outside the room can help with this by detecting the occupancy of the room without even needing to enter. This also helps increase the productivity of your workplace almost effortlessly.

Your High-Tech Meeting Room Experts

Most offices need a good meeting room, but not every office plans out their design, installation, and implementation the right way. Each high-tech meeting room is different, as is your business. Perhaps all your room needs is a good, old-fashioned whiteboard, tables and chairs, or maybe you need the latest technology to help enhance the meeting while maximizing proficiency.

In order to maximize the important investment you make in your conference room, you need to partner with an AV consultant who will help you get your money’s worth. That’s where Handsome Group comes in. We consult, install and maintain conference rooms for our clients, as well as train them on how to use the equipment – helping them get the most bang for their buck. Give the high-tech conference room experts here at Handsome Group a call today!