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digital signage for airportsAccording to the federal agency’s website, about 2 million passengers make their way through TSA checkpoints across U.S. airports each day. That’s a huge audience of potential customers that can hear your brand’s message. While there has always been space for billboard advertisements, there are several trends that aren’t as commonly thought of.

Digital signage and such advertisements can lead to a significant uptick in sales, as long as your brand’s campaign is done right. With this in mind, we have compiled these ten trends to look out for in 2022 that your brand can take advantage of. This list can help you draw attention to your organization and get airline passengers interested in your company message.

1. Self-Adhesive Graphics

Graphics of your brand logo are not confined to walls. These durable self-adhesive graphics can be added to elevator doors, escalators, luggage claim machines, columns, and more! What’s more, window clings are the perfect choice when you need temporary or seasonal airport signage. These clings are usually used for foot traffic directions in airports, but some brands get creative with their seasonal marketing done the right way.

2. Fabric Banners

Not just for sports teams, fabric banners often look like awards, almost like a PR statement. But these banners can work well for your business, especially if your business has something to offer sports fans who are admiring the surrounding banners. For example, maybe even offer your new customers from the airport 5% off with an air travel-specific keyword on your website. 

3. Visual Art Exhibits

With some expert planning and vision, you can create eye-catching company messages when it comes to designing your own special exhibits. Successful special exhibitions are imaginative, include LED design, often have dazzling effects and animation, and typically end on a call to action, directing passengers to the company’s social media or website. Great for visual and creative companies, special visual art exhibits often make viewers and admirers forget they are looking at an advertisement.

4. Backlit Graphics

Backlit graphics and lightboxes are two excellent ways to garner attention in airports and other travel areas. Larger airports tend to operate with spacious open-air lobbies and waiting areas, where darker graphics can get lost to the eye. But lightboxes and backlit graphics instantly add that immediate pop to your marketing.

5. Wayfinding

As previously mentioned, wayfinding signs are one of the most common things taken in by airline travelers at the airport. Airports, parks, bus stations, and so on can be interesting places for visual designers, as these public spaces are always finding creative ways to help people understand where they are going.

6. Fabric SEG Displays

Sometimes called the Super Bowl of airport ads, passengers headed by terminal walls are almost certain to notice these massive displays. These are awesome for atrium walls and gates, as Fabric SEG displays let you put your brand message out there to the world. These displays can be as large as the wall you display them on, from floor to ceiling. 

7. Improving the Travel Experience

Two of the biggest airport-related stressors for most fliers are feeling rushed to catch their flights and being unsure of how to reach their gates, get past TSA, and so on. These issues are often increased in large airports, where trams and buses are necessary for getting passengers from one end of the airport to the other. For airports, these stressors can be reduced by adding signs and wayfinding instructions that offer helpful tips, interactivity, and on-demand services.

For example, a few years ago, the Hamburg airport implemented a digital wayfinding system. This innovative and interesting system includes personalized directions and passenger instructions, a directory of all of the airport stores and restaurants, and other helpful features. This has improved the travel experience and also helped to increase sales in airport shops, as happy travelers are more likely to spend more while waiting for their flights. We expect to see this trend continue here in 2022.

8. Digital Signage Over Static Ones

This has been an airport-related trend for a few years now, but we see this increasing in 2022 as COVID-19 restrictions become increasingly lifted. There are several reasons why digital signage can be more effective than its static counterparts. These reasons include:

  • Digital displays are more colorful and brighter. 
  • Digital displays are much more dynamic, with the ability to add animations.
  • Digital displays can inform as well as entertain, which is great for airports. 
  • Digital displays can be changed any time or put on a timer scheduled to display something different whenever you choose.

9. City-Centric Infotainment

Along with checking bags and arriving at your gate in time, boredom is just as much a part of the air travel experience. Airline passengers often find that they must wait for hours even if their flights don’t get delayed, with little to do than read or look at their phones. 

This is another opportunity for digital signage to shine and enhance the air travel experience. There are plenty of content providers who offer ideal tools that put weather, news, sports, and any other kinds of city-centric infotainment in front of the eyeballs of travelers who appreciate it. 

This is yet another opportunity for your brand to offer engaging content when working with the airport advertising department. A truly creative way to do this is to even break infotainment down to being gate-specific. This might be a trend that takes hold more so in 2023 or 2024, but the possibility exists to add engaging infotainment and news that relates not just to the airport’s city, but specific flight passengers’ destinations. 

For instance, let’s say you’re flying from Los Angeles to Madrid, assuming COVID restrictions allow. At the gate, images can be displayed that discuss tourist sites, live events, restaurants, or even helpful Spanish phrases that travelers should know. This is just one example, as every final destination offers unique opportunities to deliver creative, entertaining content that can help boost your bottom line.

10. Programmatic Transactions

Another highly relevant and impactful digital advertising option is programmatic transactions. This is advertising based on external data triggers. If it’s a rainy day, this is a great opportunity to display ads that feature sunny climates. Like this song? This band is playing a show in your destination city on this date, for example.

Programmatic digital signage is quickly becoming popular with brands that include it in their ad campaigns, in addition to their mobile ads, social media, and web-based marketing. This is another way to increase the visibility and interest in your brand at an airport.

Bottom Line

The way we are presented with advertising is changing in just about every aspect of our lives, and airports can lead the way. Digital displays in airports are a great way to inform, entertain, assist with wayfinding, and help reduce the stressors of airline travel. In the future, static signage might be as rare as the first mobile phone. At any rate, the future is bright for delivering compelling content to the captive audience of consumers that are airport travelers.

Handsome Group Can Help

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