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video display wallDigital displays or LED video walls are a great way to improve your content marketing for your business. These walls pop with vibrant colors and offer the best possible quality picture, resulting in engaging messages for whatever your audience may be. Digital display walls can show your custom videos or images, display scrolling text, show your live feed on-location, or any other content imaginable. 

Digital display walls require little maintenance and minimal power consumption and are as dynamic as they are cost-effective. LED TV walls can add crisp, bright, visually-stunning images and video content to any room you choose, for any reason.

There are many different applications for a digital display wall: whether for use as a traditional billboard, for menu displaying, to eye-catching ads at investor meetings, and even for school fundraising. Just as LED technology is improving and continuously evolving, so are the potential uses for digital display walls.

Gone are the days when only companies with deep pockets had access to digital display walls. With technological advancements, LED TV walls are more affordable and accessible than ever. This opens the door for many different ways to get creative with your company marketing. 

What is a Digital Display Wall?

As the name suggests, a digital display wall or a multi TV wall uses several TV screens in conjunction to display images or brand messages. Many businesses now use their digital display walls as command centers, displaying feeds from some of their most important sources. 

Traditional video walls, like that of a projector screen, can still be cost-effective for many businesses. However, you lose out on the dynamic nature of a multiple-screen TV or digital display wall. Multi-screen displays have limitless potential for what you can share with your customers or coworkers that interact with them.   

How Do I Build A Digital Display Wall?

If you are ready to take the steps to build a digital display wall, you’ve made the right decision. Here are a few steps to take before consulting with a professional.

1. Room Dimensions and Wall Size

What are the overall dimensions of the space available for your digital display wall? How much wall space will be specifically devoted to your digital display wall? These are two of the most important questions to ask before you start planning your digital display wall project.

2. How Many Display Screens Do You Need?

The size of the room in which you’ll display your TV wall will determine how large your display is, and how many screens will fit inside of it. Maximizing the space you have available to you will help you plan the most effective and productive ways to use it. 

You may choose to use your digital display wall in a strictly functional manner. Or, you may get creative with your display in a way that directs the attention of views down a long hallway. Perhaps you are designing a display that will feature large visual digital display screens. Whatever the case, understanding your plan for your digital display wall will benefit your organization in the long run.

3. Wall Location and Viewer Distance

What is the width and the height of your wall and all of the digital displays? How far away from this will your viewers be? This data will then allow you to determine the aspect ratio for the majority of the viewers of your digital display content. From there, you can determine the best resolution available.

4. What Kind of Content Will Appear on Your Digital Display Wall?

The type of content you plan to display is important in determining how to best set up your digital display wall. Do you plan to

digital display wallutilize it mostly internally or organizationally? Perhaps for operations messages and important company communications. Maybe you want to educate and entertain visitors in a public place, and hopefully entice them to your call to action. Another option is to use your digital displays as directions and wayfinding.

5. Explore Your Options

Figure out if a seamless video wall or individual TV screens are a better option for you. An AV expert such as the experienced techs at Handsome Group will help you explore the benefits and costs of each option, how it will look, its impact, and so on. These options will help you maximize your digital display wall project and get your money’s worth from it for years to come.

6. Get the Best Equipment

A digital display wall is an investment that can pay off. As such, you don’t want to cut corners when it comes to getting the best equipment for your multi-screen wall. In addition to the size and video quality of your screens, you will need a video controller, all of the necessary equipment for mounting, cords and cables, software to run everything, and so on.

7. Content

If your company does not employ content creators in-house, then you will have to outsource for your digital display wall. Your organization may decide to show a content feed that is specific to a provider or service. 

The right content management strategy can help your business reach a perfect combination of fresh, current content and evergreen content. This helps keep content being displayed on your TV wall at all times and can help gauge which types of content will get the most engagements.

Ready to Build a Digital Display Wall? Handsome Group Can Help

As you can see, building a digital display wall can be complex and challenging. There are a lot of moving parts you need to think of before the project. The expert AV consultants here at Handsome Group will assist you in every step of the project, from setup down to end-payment. Our upfront communication will avoid unexpected and unnecessary costs and also help to prevent delays. 

Handsome Group can help you design, build, and install a game-changing LED TV wall for your business, group, or organization. What’s more, we provide ongoing support, should you need our expertise at any time. Handsome Group will provide you with the best digital display solution for your business or organizational needs. Give us a call today! We look forward to hearing from you.