Apr 14, 2022 | byHandsome Group

install home theater companyThe experience of watching a movie in a theater is unlike anything else. For many, experiencing a theater atmosphere means making a trip to a theater, which also means possibly having to deal with rude movie-goers. Watching a movie at home has its perks, of course, but watching a blockbuster hit on an everyday TV pales in comparison to a real theater experience. 

Ready for a home theater of your own? Handsome Group has you covered. We’ll show you some essential things to consider when planning and building your home theater. Follow these five steps, and you’ll be enjoying the theater experience in the comfort of your own home in no time.

Choose the Perfect Space

Deciding on the perfect space in your home to have a home theater is different than simply purchasing a TV for your living room. A home theater experience that is as close to the “real thing” as possible requires that you pick a dedicated room for the theater. Be sure to choose a room that will provide containment of the sound while creating the perfect feel for your theater experience. 

Additionally, you will want to think about how you’re going to set up the seating in your home theater room. Other aspects of the room are crucial as well, such as how many levels you plan to have in your theater. Will it be a single-level theater, or will you prefer a tiered set of seats, as is the case in a real movie theater? These are all of the questions you’ll want to ask yourself before beginning the actual construction of the theater. Putting a functional plan in place for your theater space will help your project run much more smoothly.

Start Planning the Audio System

When enjoying a live theater experience, some of the most exciting and memorable moments are often due in large part to the high-quality, cinematic audio. To replicate this in your home the best way you can, first, you will need to absorb unwanted noise as well as add some materials to diffuse any possible echoes. 

To have a home-theater system that is optimized for the best possible movie-viewing experience means balancing the audio so that the quality is comparable to what you’d expect from a real cinema. Optimizing the sound in your home theater space means taking measures that are unique to your home. Filmmakers intend for you to experience sound that is just right, perfectly balanced with the rest of the movie experience. You should only expect to work with an A/V firm that does the same with your home theater.

Optimize the Lighting

For a movie-watching experience that is authentic to the real thing as you can get, you will also want to optimize the lighting in your home theater. Sitting and watching a movie in complete darkness can cause accidents, and having to pause the film to get up and move around detracts from the overall experience. You can solve this issue by implementing smart lighting controls and integrating them with your lighting system. 

What’s more, you can operate all of the above lightings with simple and easy-to-use controls. You can even program your lighting controls to operate when the movie is over or just starting. Turning the lights on entirely or dimming them can replicate the real movie theater setting. 

You will also want to remove any distractions from your home theater space as much as you can. It is recommended that you don’t hang anything on the walls or ceilings as they can distract you from your viewing experience. You will also want to consider painting the home theater room a dark color so that the walls and ceilings do not reflect light. Thick curtains and carpets that are also dark in color can help with this as well.

Getting The Right Devices

Now that you’ve picked the perfect space, started planning the audio system, and optimized the lighting, here comes the fun part: picking out devices. Any movie theater is only as good as the projector, screen, and audio devices it uses to show films, and your home theater is no different. 

The A/V professionals here at Handsome Group will work closely with you to recommend and customize your theater package that uses cutting-edge technology that we design exclusively for your home theater space. We customize your theater equipment, then engineer everything to your specifications, and engineer your experiences so it fits exactly what kind of theater you are looking for.

Consult an Audio-Video Expert 

At Handsome Group, we have created many home theater environments that offer a cinema-like viewing experience right at home. We work closely with our home theater customers to identify their needs based on space, budget, and expectations. Our A/V experts will take your home-theater vision and bring it to life, utilizing all of the tips mentioned above to enhance and optimize your viewing experience.

We have many years of experience and a track record of happy customers that speak for themselves. Designing and installing a home theater system is a big project, but for those who have to have one, it’s worth every penny, and it makes sense to let the experienced pros handle it. For more information, or to schedule a consultation with one of our A/V experts, do not hesitate to contact Handsome Group today. We look forward to working with you.