Feb 28, 2020 | byHandsome Group

Hospitality AV technologyIt’s no secret that hospitality brands want to leave a lasting impression on their guests. Happy guests who enjoyed their stay at your hotel or their meal at your restaurant are not only likely to return but also likely to give you positive online reviews and recommendations. The way hotels, resorts, cruise ships, bars, music venues, and lounges are making lasting impressions on the modern digital consumer is rapidly changing. These changes are due to impressive AV innovations that immerse your guests in a unique experience while also providing business owners with a chance for upselling and other marketing opportunities. Does the AV technology at your establishment stand out? Check out some of these examples to better answer that question.

Set the Mood with Amazing Music Systems

It’s no secret that music has a profound impact on the way we feel. With high-quality sound systems consisting of cutting-edge speakers, subwoofers and surround sound, you can create a unique atmosphere from the moment guests step in. For hotels and resorts, your guests can be greeted to one style of music or soundscape during check-in, another for when they visit your gift shop, hit the bathroom, or head to your restaurant for dinner. Of course, they should always have the option to choose their own music or soundscapes in their rooms as well. These sound systems can be controlled with a simple smartphone app anywhere throughout your establishment.

Locale-Inspired Tech

Another way that hospitality brands are using AV tech to create a unique guest experience is based on their location. For example, patrons of a restaurant, bar or nightclub in L.A. might not want the same experience of those in New York City. Tailoring your facility to accommodate the experience of your guests depends largely on understanding your demographic and the type of customers you serve most often. If you have mostly guests who are tourists, they will want a different experience than locals.

You can provide your guests with a unique tech-driven experience in many different ways: from interactive touch-screens providing fun facts on and suggestions about landmarks and attractions in your area, to digital signage displaying specials on menu items, to wrap around OLED video screens that can be placed on any surface.

Customizable Lighting

Another way that hospitality brands are wowing their customers is with customizable lighting and smart bulbs. This sets the atmosphere by automatically changing the brightness and color of your lighting – all from the convenience of your smartphone. You can even customize and change the schedule of lighting changes!

Blend the Technology with the Decor

The right music and ambient lighting are great, but if all of the technology required to make these things happen is visible, this can be both a mood killer and an eyesore. Some of the best hospitality brands are now blending their AV technology with their decor – like strategically hiding wires and cables as well as housing controls out of the view of the guests. If you can offer a stunning conference room that is free of wires, it will leave a lasting impression on everyone in the meeting!

Trust the AV Technology Experts

Low-voltage and AV systems for hospitality brands serve very diverse purposes and are rapidly changing. From the guest-focused LED screens and mood lighting to the back of house purposes for point-of-sales systems. The best AV systems seamlessly integrate these systems and tailor them to the particular needs of your hotel, nightclub, restaurant or resort. If you are unsure of where to start when it comes to upgrading the AV system of your hospitality establishment, don’t hesitate to call Handsome Group today!