In this day and age, the term “smart” can be used for any number of devices or technology that are connected together on a network, either wired or wireless. So how do you make a home “smart?” The simplest answer: you connect the devices and functionalities of your house and streamline control into one easy to use custom home automation system. Using the latest in smart home automation technology, we can bring a new level of convenience, control, and peace of mind to your home.

Not only do these smart home technologies revolutionize the way you go about your daily life – they save on your home’s energy use, can increase your home security, add value to your home, and offer homeowners peace of mind.

Here are a few examples of the home automation solutions we provide:

  • Shades that close automatically when you turn on the TV to reduce glare.
  • Smart Lighting that automatically turns on and off when you enter or leave a room.
  • Thermostats that adjust temperature in tandem with the temperature outside. This feature will save you money on heating bills.
  • Temporarily muting whole-house music when the doorbell rings
  • Westward facing shade that close 5 hours before sunset to reduce heat gain and air conditioning costs, and then re-open 15 minutes before sunset to let you capture the moment
  • Dimming all the lights by 5% and adjusting the thermostats by 3 degrees if your energy consumption gets too high.


At Handsome Group we bring the art of automation to your home. With over 15 years of AV experience, we lead the industry when it comes to audio visual technology and solutions for your home. Our system designs are seamless and products are easy for any homeowner to use. We offer various post-sale support packages to ensure peace-of-mind and stability to your home.



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