Control the amount of light in every room with a single touch.

With the increasing popularity of Home Control systems, smart lighting and shading should also be at the top of the list. You may be asking, why would I need a control system when I can walk across the room and flip the switch or draw the shades myself?

It goes much deeper than simple switches, bulbs, and pull-cords. With the latest in home integration and control, we can give you total control over your lighting and shades from anywhere in your home using their smart device app, or one of their sleek wireless remotes.

Turn the lights on in the kitchen, foyer, and patio at the same time you can dim the lights and draw the shades in your home theater area in preparation for the evening’s entertainment. Add the comfort and convenience of having your systems automatically turn on, dim, and turn off without having to lift a finger.



From Design to Installation at Handsome Group we can provide custom lighting and shading control solutions for any application; the possibilities are truly endless.

Call us today and see how we can help shed light on your home!

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