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In just a few years, video conferencing has revolutionized the ways businesses meet, collaborate, and communicate. It is no longer necessary to travel to the same city in order to have a face-to-face interaction. As video conferencing technology continues to advance, the benefits of video conferencing continue to expand. Here are some of the top five benefits of video conferencing:

1. Visual Elements Reinforce Clear Communication

Conference calls have been used for years as a means of discussing goals, projects, and proposals, but audio alone can cause frustration and miscommunication. Video conferencing allows professionals to read visual clues such as facial expressions, as well as view the same documents, graphics, and images in real time. Unlike verbal differences which can cause confusion, these visual elements help professionals communicate clearly and effectively.

2. Collaborate with Anyone, Anywhere

It used to be that certain forms of collaboration required a long chain of emails or phone calls, a costly trip to meet in person, or restricting project participants to locals. Video conferencing allows businesses to find and use talented professionals best suited for the job no matter where the different team members live and work. With reliable wi-fi, HD video, screen sharing, high quality audio, and easy-to-use controls, professionals can collaborate anywhere at any time without the frustration of faulty audio visual performance.

3. Save Time, Increase Productivity

When professionals effectively engage through video conferencing, they save time that would otherwise be spent fixing a bad a connection, traveling to meet in person, or working through misunderstandings. This allows for better, faster performance thus increasing productivity across the board. 

4. Advances Education

Video conferencing isn’t just for conference rooms or offices. Commercial video conferencing is changing how students engage with teachers, peers, and schooling as a whole. Virtual classrooms allow many students, including adults, to communicate with teachers and fellow students face-to-face while learning important material remotely. Students can communicate and work with peers from around the world, sharing cultures, insights, and experiences. Interactive white boards and video projection are just a couple of ways Handsome Group integrates video conferencing with the latest audio visual technology in educational spaces, offices, and more.

5. Bring the Brightest Minds Together

Video conferencing allows you to brainstorm remotely like never before. Doctors can increase patient wellness by working together with medical professionals and caregivers to form a treatment plan that accounts for all aspects of a patient’s condition. Teams can collaborate in real time, trading ideas and engaging in uninterrupted dialogue through crystal-clear audio and HD video. Students and educators can swap ideas, discuss cultural or relevant topics, and even work together on assignments from anywhere in the world. With enhanced video and audio solutions, brainstorming is easier and more innovative than ever.

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